Grass Stains


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Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Kris Ewaniuk - Sonlight Productions


released July 7, 2017

Music performed by OL' SPORT
Lyrics - Ben Bradford
Bass - Liam Pendergrass

Artwork - Summer Eubanks
Formatting - Ben Bradford



all rights reserved


OL' SPORT North Carolina

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Track Name: Capulet
Do you remember when you told me you couldn't sleep
Do you remember, you drove and I sat front seat
But not for a minute did it ever cross my mind
That you could've turned the wheel and finally felt fine

Now after all of this I'm not sad you closed our doors
Cause life had locked you in yeah once or twice before
But I couldn't help but notice that you were so low key
Cause it seemed you had lost all interest in me
But I'm just glad your happy

Cause you were

Alone in bed, like Juliet
No romeo will call you back
So we talk all night instead
But after that, we'll play phone tag
So when you're laying to go to bed
Am I a thought that's in your head

And so go off to paris
And spend your time
Drinking wine
Cause I was always someone you'd leave behind
Track Name: Sad Song
So I'm by myself
On this Ikea worn out couch
And what hurts the most is that you're not home
In this one man love seat joke

So I'll be getting high
Or at least that's what it looks like
Cause the southern heat keeps me from sleep
You can see it in my bloodshot eyes

So to survive, I'll rely
On this melody life line

Cause I've been singing all these sad songs
Hoping that someone might sing along
But the letters in the note you left
Suggest you can't hold a tune at all
And I've been thinking 'bout how you stood there
And how it all happen when, why, and where
Cause I think that I've been thinking a three word thought that you never had
And that's why all these songs stay sad

So you took the radio
Even if it had got bad signal
Cause all it got was religious talk
But the white noise made me feel home

So I took your records
Cause they made my catalog full
But they'll gather dust
Cause they kinda suck
Yeah your dads Beatles ain't that cool
Track Name: No Goodbye
And it happened once again
I'm awake at two am
But did she mind, cause it felt right
When I left with no goodbye

And I'm starting to pretend
There are friends in one night stands
And so take time, to rewind
Cause I'll leave with no goodbye

And I've got morals
But did she know
That there is no self control
Say I know you well
But the bed sheets know
No it's not emotional

And it happened once before
Now I leave through their backdoor
But the first time, I was inside
When she left
Track Name: Labor Day
So just shake off the night before
Do you remember leaving through my backdoor
Cause I think we did

And if one and one makes the two of us
At what point did this two become one
Man I feel dumb

And if I had the guts to say no once
Then the first three times they would've been enough
It's never enough

And if this couch is long and full of friends
At what point did I trade it in
It's never enough

When I met you it was labor day
You were covered in grass stains
Reading Hemingway

Though I wasn't in common time
You still saw me in limelight
You were rain in mid July

And last night I found your old videos
The ones from three years ago
They had something special

Now I'm having trouble trying to sleep
Cause I press pause in my dreams
Those moments were happy